Jessica Roch

Composer and Musician




Jessica Roch is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and improviser. Her music involves a range of synthesizers/electronic sounds/noise as well as Western and non-Western classical instruments to create textural diversity. She mixes wide and varied soundscapes with the grittiness of close-up tones and enjoys exploring the intricacies of an instrument. 

Jessica is also a classically-trained violinist and pianist. She has worked as a session player for a wide variety of bands, ensembles and musicians including Super Furry Animals on their critically acclaimed album 'Dark Days/Light Years'. She has performed at venues and events across Europe from Glastonbury festival to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

She has recently self-released her first EP, 'Power Dynamic' which is a collection of modern classical pieces for effected piano, violin, organ and voice. 



The Mind-Benders


Archive documentary made by the FDA in 1970 about LSD and the hallucinogens. With new music composed and performed by Jessica Roch. Recorded and mixed by the wonderful Chris Smith at Kluster Rooms Studios, London.


For synth, breath, noise, una corda and voice. Written for clips from Holy Mountain (1973)


Written for clips from Our Little Sister (2015)


Music video for an improvised piece, created in the Brecon Beacons

'Power Dynamic'
Latest EP/Single